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Coffee Pods – For The Lazy Coffee Drinker

For those who are not aware yet, coffee pods are a resemblance to small tea bags that are used for fast brewing of good coffee. These pods are especially meant for those people who live their lives on the move, and do not exactly have the time to spend making coffee in the morning.

The Single pod or One cup Coffee maker is another type of brewing machine. This brewer is design to have the costa coffee pod storage located in the basket and when the water comes thought the pod it is then directed to the coffee cup. Produces clean specialty teas, coffees and herbal.

I put my coffee pod tray in the Kuerig and went to the fridge to grab the milk. There on the counter was the milk carton. Empty. I decided to run to the store. During the drive I debated getting a pregnancy test. What was the worst that could happen, I’d waste 12 bucks and my period would start? I was really scared…what if it said I was pregnant? Then what.

As stated, percolation is among the oldest methods to making cafe nior. Even though it is not very common anymore, it still has its fans. Most of the people who still use the percolator are older people who have always used it and see no reason to change their method. However, percolation is a method not used much anymore because the coffee produced can easily get a little bitter. This method involves boiling the coffee grounds which leads to a less than desirable taste for most.

All of these home models use Keurig K-Cup coffee pods with a variety of over 140 different coffees and teas. Searching for coffee pods will quickly bring you to Tassimo. Let’s see why. The common features to all machines include the Quiet-Brew Technology, energy saving mode with automatic power off and a removable drip tray that will allow use of short travel mugs.

One of the traditional forms of coffee maker is the French press or commonly known as the plunger. This is more cost-efficient as you do not need to have disposable filters or use electricity to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. All you need to do is add the ground and near boiling water then place the lid and press.

Amazon also has a very large selection of coffee pod maker Keurig products, and offers same day shipping, so you can have your item quickly, and in time for the holidays.

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